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Dauchez Catalog (in preparation)
We currently prepare the design and the realization of the reasoned catalog of the engraved work of the painter André DAUCHEZ (1870-1948).
Therefore, we are in search of any document, works and information likely to be useful to us in this work.
Thank you to directly get in touch with the Brugal Gallery, Mr. Stephan Brugal by calling 06 89 15 56 55,
or by e-mail :, site address :

Dauchez biography
“André Dauchez (1870-1948) was a French painter, draftsman and illustrator. He was named official painter of the Navy in 1922.
He was born in Paris on May 17th, 1870 from Fernand DAUCHEZ and Claire Thirial. He maried on April 25th, 1898 in Paris with Marie-Therese LE LIEPVRE, girl of the painter Maurice LE LIEPVRE (1848-1897), and with which he will have 8 children. The older sister of André Dauchez, itself painter, Jeanne Dauchez (1869-1949), will marry in 1890 with the painter Lucien SIMON (1861-1945). André DAUCHEZ will take part for the first time in 1897 in the “Salon des Artistes Français” (Living room of the French Artists). He will attend the workshop of Luc-Olivier MERSON (1846-1920) between the years 1887 and 1890. In 1896, André DAUCHEZ becomes member of the “Salon National des Beaux-Arts” (National Living room of the Art Schools); he will be the secretary in 1927, then the President starting from 1938 while succeeding to FORAIN. He receives in 1900, the money medal to the “Exposition Universelle” (World Fair). He is also founder member of the “Salon des Indépendants” (Living room of the Independent ones). He was made Chevalier of the Legion of Honor in 1911, then officer in 1932. He was promoted Officiel painter of the Navy in 1922.
André DAUCHEZ goes very young into Brittany and more particularly on the mouth of the Odet river. By 1890, family DAUCHEZ will attend Bénodet and in 1893 it will move into the house of Kergaït which was located not far from the entry of the estuary. These summer periods of family DAUCHEZ will decide vocation pictorial and maritime for André, more especially as his/her brother-in-law, Lucien SIMON, cohabited in this house until the end of the 19th century. With the southern point of Loctudy, in light overhang compared to the sea, André DAUCHEZ buys a house of fisherman to the Bigouden Country area, which it will make increase by adding two wings whose ones will become its workshop. By 1903, each summer, the house-workshop of Palue of Cosquer, in the district of Larvor (between Lesconil and Loctudy) becomes the artistic crucible of this painter, talented draftsman and remarkable aquafortist.
André DAUCHEZ was described as painter of the wind and of the estuaries, its personality continued in the execution of the landscapes which dominate its work. The seaside, the estuaries and the ports are very present in its work. Its knowledge of the maritime medium is without fault, it is a true sailor who surfed and discovered the shores approaching them by the sea.
André DAUCHEZ had several boats with which he liked to discover new horizons, as well Atlantique side as Manche side. Let us quote “La Rose des Vants”, a tuna boat of 20 m arranged for the yachting pleasure, bought before 1914; composed of a crew of six professional sailors ordered by the Lagadec captain. It had then a pleasure yacht of a dozen meters, “La Grande Ourse” (the Large She-Bear). Also let us quote “L’Embellie” (the Clearing), the “Narval” (Narwhal), the Aventure (Adventure).
André DAUCHEZ was purely landscape designer, the human figure being often absent from his landscapes. He handled with perfection the black lead, and in its drawings the final improvements are non-existent. It was especially a remarkable engraver author of almost four hundred engravings; he in addition illustrated several books with much poetry, in de luxe editions numbered, such as for example: “The Breton hearth: Tales and popular accounts” of Emile Souvestre, “the book of Emerald” of Andre Suarès, “sea in wood” by Andre Chevrillon who reports a voyage in boat on Odet. Let us quote also its splendid and touching illustrations for the tale of Paul de Musset: « Monsieur le Vent et Madame la Pluie » (Mister Wind and Madam Rain).
He exposed to many recoveries as well in France as abroad: Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Munich, Pittsburg. And one finds works of Andre Dauchez in many French and foreign museums.
André Dauchez dies in Paris at the 78 years age, on May 15th, 1948.”  [1].

Work Dauchez
The National Library, in Paris, has modern prints of the 19th-20th centuries, at the patrimonial funds, in particular of many "eaux-fortes" (etchings) of artist A. Dauchez:
+ L'Anse du Suler, 1908
+ Brémoguer, 1911
+ Grève de St Oual, 1903
+ Grève du Cosquer, 1911
+ Lesconil, 1909
+ La maison de la Palue, 1909
+ Maisons de l'Ile Tudy, 1902
+ Maisons de St Oual, 1903
+ Le Moulin de Lesconil, 1904
+ Pins au Suler, 1908
+ Rivière de Lesconil, 1910
+ St Oual, 1902
+ Les Yachts, 1902
+ Yachts en course, 1904
+ La Dune de St Oual, 1903
+ Entrée de Lesconil, 1911

Dauchez - pins devant Loctudy
Dauchez - pins devant Loctudy

Dauchez - Chapelle Saint Guido
Dauchez - Le soir à Saint Guido
Remarquez à droite l'ancien moulin sur la route de Tréguido à Lesconil.

Dauchez Illustrations

  • La mer dans les bois d'André Chevrillon
  • Le foyer breton d'Emile Souvestre.
  • Monsieur le Vent et Madame la Pluie - Version pour enfants du conte de Paul De Musset édité en 1948 par Ernest Flammarion.
"  [1].

Bibliography :

[1] Wikipedia, André Dauchez , Wikipedia - Dauchez With autorization of the writer.

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