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Geographical situation of Loctudy

Loctudy is a parish of the country bigouden in Finistere (Cornwall)in Brittany. Near Quimper and close to Pont L'Abbé, Loctudy is located on the estuary of the river of Pont l'Abbé at the edge of the sea.
Opposite Loctudy, l'Ile Tudy makes a peninsula of it belonging to the parish of Combrit. Continuously the coast, the commune of Larvor (in Loctudy) formed in the past part of Plonivel (the Park Plonivel) and is next to the village of Lesconil.

Loctudy - vue générale du bourg

Loctudy - entree du bourg et mairie

Churches, vaults, castles and manors of Loctudy

Church Saint Tudy

Eglise Saint Tudy

Vaults of Loctudy

Castles and manors of Loctudy

La Perdrix and La Cale

Headlight "la Perdrix"

Phare de la Perdrix

La Cale
It is a district of the port of Loctudy.


Larvor, formerly in Plonivel, is a commune which depend of Loctudy.
- vault Saint Guido, or Saint Quido, at the Treguido locality
- Kerizur locality
- small port of Poullouen
- the Steir (Larvor/Lesconil)
- the Cosquer

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