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The Sea

La Cale
La Cale : it is the name of the front of the fishing port, between street du Port and street de la Grandière.
Loctudy - la cale (vue de l'ile-tudy)

The Port
The Fishing Port.
loctudy - port de peche

The pleasure port.
loctudy - port de plaisance

The Beach
Langoz : it is the main beach of Loctudy.
The burners of goëmon formerly there were observed.
Loctudy - phare de langoz

"In 1884, on the initiative of Arthur de Coëtlogon and Maurice de Laubrière (in the beginning of Ar Men, the plan Talma Bertrand which will bring back to the country the cup of France in 1907), is born indeed the Company from the regattas of the Ile Tudy-Loctudy, which joins together yachtsmen and fishermen. Renamed << Company of the regattas of Loctudy-Bénodet >>, then << Water sport of Odet >>, it becomes finally the Yacht-club of Odet in 1956." [b_yac01]

Building site Pichavant
The Pichavant building site in Loctudy is a shipyard specialized in the sailing wood ship.

Boats, Trawler
An example of sailing boat of Loctudy:
"Louisic, misainier with rattletrap of Loctudy [GV1301?]" [b_chmarée01 p. 0 + photo]
An example of trawler of Loctudy:
Mfv Rouanez Loctudy. Type: French Trawler; Length: 19.50m, Beam: 6.60 m, Draft: 3.60 m. Tonnage Gross: 53.3; Engine: Poyaud... " [b_boat01]

Rescue at sea
Old sns118 sailor corentin cloarec
Loctudy - sns 118

sns140 margodig
Loctudy - sns 140 - margodig

The boat "Loctudy"
The boat Loctudy is at the same time a mythical and current boat. "Conceived by Fran‡ois Sergeant for the Baudoin building site in Loctudy in 1961, this boat is at the origin a built Breton boat with small slats. During 30 years, Jean of Massol will build this small boat for the greatest pleasure of the yachtmen of the time. It is taken again today [2003] out of polyester with completions drink in the spirit of the construction of origin. A broad and deep cockpit with benches side retractable for better releasing space allows to benefit from marine qualities of the boat in full safety. A long skittle allows the stranding without problem." [The current characteristics of Loctudy boat are:]
Overall length: 5.20 m
Width: 2.00 m
Draught: 0.75 m
Weight: 850 kg
Ballast: 350 kg
Grand' veils: 11.50 m
G‚nois: 8.50 m
Jib Nø 1: 4.00 m
Outboard motor out of well 4 with 8cv " [b_loc01]

In 1961, Jean de Massol "takes again the building site created four in earlier in Loctudy by Claude de Baudoin. After the accidental death of the young founder, orders wait: bonitos, superbonites. but it are, for the majority, of Loctudy, drawn by François Sergeant and built according to a modern wood technique stuck. Technique which merges for a long time with the history of this series, at the point to make the fame of the building site." [b_chmarée01]

Le Dourdy
Old school of foam and maistrance.

The station with signals, named Pichpoud, is located on the sea between Langoz and Lodonnec. It is with approximately 3 meters height on a dune and overhangs the sea.
"the station with signals of Saint-Oual (XVII-XVIII century)." [b_frey01]
"At the point of "Pichpoud" and dating the XVII century, this modest building is the ancestor of the semaphores." [b_hlp01]

M. Chaffron
Marcel Chaffron was a personality and a figure of Loctudy and Glénan islands.
Loctudy - chaffron

Factory Le Gall
"Factory of canned fish having kept intact its machinery and its equipment of origin (1916-1955)." [b_hlpl01]
loctudy - les sardinières à l'usine le gall

The crawfish of Loctudy.
loctudy - langoustine
The logo " Young lady of Loctudy "

The strong storm of December 20 1998.
"In the night of December 20, 1998, around five hours of the morning, a storm of rare violence, with winds recorded with more than 170 kilometers per hour, struck it port of Loctudy, in Finistere. Several witnesses described a true scene of Apocalypse: the wind raised the boats and projected them the ones against others." [b_sena01]
(...)" being the port of Loctudy, forty-four fishing vessels, boats and coasting ships were damaged. The amount of the damage undergone by the boats was evaluated to 5 million francs. Ninety owners and sailors cannot any more to exert their trade in consequence of the immobilization for repair of their ship or of an exit of fleet. The installations of the marina were also struck hard since the amount of the damage is evaluated to 4 million francs." [b_sena01]

With various dates, whales failed themselves on the coasts of Loctudy. About 1870, a whale failed itself. About 1950, a whale failed itself towards the small-port of Poulouen in Larvor. There whale in fact would have jumped on a mine. The fishermen of Larvor would have then drawn above with rifle to adapt itself some there prise.

The mill with sea of Suler
loctudy - moulin à mer du suler

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